Race School

The Race Club Karting - Race School

The Race School license is earned over 4 separate stages and is priced at £40 per session.

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Level 1 - Sunday 19th November - Book Online

Level 2 - Sunday 26th November - Book Online

Level 3 - Sunday 3rd December - Book Online

Level 4 - Sunday 10th December - Book Online

Stage 1 – Control & Safety


Ages 8+ - Height Restrictions (31” Outside Leg) - 10 Drivers Per Session

Session Description:

Level 1 of the The Race Club Race School is the ideal introduction to karting for all drivers Aged 8-14.

The first session includes a safety briefing followed by an on-track introduction to kart control and safety flags with a time trial session to test your skills.

Session Breakdown:

The first session starts with a NKA level safety briefing followed by a walk through of the kart's operation.

Each driver will undergo a brake/accelerate test followed by a 15 minute driving session, undertaken behind the safety kart.

A short break including a Q&A session is next with a 30 minute 'Safety Simulation' after. All drivers will take to the track and a series of Yellow and Red flags will be displayed to test awareness.

Each driver will then be served a 'Black Flag' and will drive in and out of the pits to further test awareness and safe kart operation. To finish a Chequered flag will be shown and all drivers must return to the pits in a safe fashion.

Stage 2 – Overtaking & Defending


Ages 8+ - Height Restriction (31” Outside Leg) - 10 Drivers Per Session –  Level 1 License

Session Description:

The Race Club Race School Level 2 focuses on Overtaking and Defending. We start by taking a walk around the track to show you the 'Racing Line'. Then we take to the track and drive the racingline and practice each corner. Next it's time to practice overtaking and defending then finally we put you in a racing session to test everything you've learned.

Session Breakdown:

The session starts with a track walk with all drivers to highlight the 'Racing Line' and to make an
introduction to overtaking and defending locations and techniques. Next is a 15 minute practice
behind the safety kart, concentrating on the Racing Line. A break and Q&A session will follow with
a talk through of each corner using the track diagram.

To introduce the drivers to overtaking, a Marshall will lap the track and will allow the drivers to overtake, one driver at a time. To practice defending, we will send all drivers onto the track for a 15 minute session with the intention of learning to defend from the other drivers practising overtaking. Finally, we put everything together with a Race from the line for all drivers, with a final Q&A after the chequered flag. The race duration can vary depending on the remaining session time.

Stage 3 – Race Craft & Endurance

Session Description:

It's time to concentrate on Race Craft in Stage 3 of The Race Club Race School. We'll teach you how to get the most from a practice session, ace qualifying and maximise your race. You'll take part in a practice Race Weekend with a practice session, qualifying and endurance race to the flag.

Session Breakdown:

This session will teach the drivers about tyre temperatures, qualifying procedures and consistency. Once all drivers have undertaken a safety briefing, it 's time to simulate a race weekend. A 15 minute practice session is followed by a 15 minute qualifying session. At this point a break and Q&A session will take place to clear up any questions before the 45 minute endurance race. A podium presentation will follow with medals for all drivers and trophies for the top 3 drivers and the fastest driver.

Stage 4 – Control and Confidence

Session Description:

Stage 4 is for drivers aged 12 and over and gives you access to the faster 270cc GT5R kart. This session is all about showing your control and confidence driving a faster kart and if you complete Stage 4, you'll be able to drive the a 270cc GT5R kart
in time trial sessions.

Session Breakdown:

After an introduction to the the controls of the GT3, all drivers will take to the track behind the safety kart and complete a 15 minute session. The remaining time will be used as a Time Trial session to evaluate each drivers control and confidence.

Driver Certificate

Certificates for each stage will be available for drivers whom pass a stage and can be printed on demand.